Daedalus 3D - The labyrinth

Daedalus 3D - The labyrinth 1.2

Explore the tangled labyrinth in this exciting 3D adventure

Between the years 2003 and 2004, Humans ships two missiles to Mars, and in the year 2014 the first Human shipping reaches the Red Planet. The alien tribes of TalyTAR has a residency on Mars, a planet full of solid state, curative water, providing therapeutic properties and above all giving the prescience (although only temporary)… The Humans' delegation, pushed by curiosity and cupidity, occupy this residency plundering the containers of the precious material and awakening the fury of TalyTAR, that quickly get revenge for this organizing an invasion to planet Earth. The fortress of TalyTAR on the Earth is an ancient Human military base: you need to conquer this base and only when TalyTAR will be defeated, Humans will be able to live in freedom on their planet. Your mission is: hit and defeat the slobbering TalyTAR, not before overcoming his faithful military forces...

Daedelus 3D - The Labyrinth is a groundbreaking 3D game for Series 60 phones which has to be seen to be believed. Game features include:

  • True polygonal 3D graphics with real time rendering for total visual reality
  • 3D engine fully ARM-code optimized
  • Terrific performances with extreme smooth graphics
  • High resolution support for 320*320 and 480*320 pixel display
  • Digital 16-bit 3D stereo audio
  • touch-screen and fully customizable keys command support
  • Compatibility with almost all devices running PalmOS 5 or greater with ARM compatible processor and Symbian smartphones
  • Support for additional level-pack

The future of millions of people is into your hands.... Good Luck!

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Daedalus 3D - The labyrinth


Daedalus 3D - The labyrinth 1.2